23 April 2024

Ship’s Crew

Linda Wells, Financial Planner

Meet our Ship’s Crew. We have a terrific group of volunteers to help with the leadership and operations of the ministry. We call them the “Ship’s Crew.” Here are five groups who are more in the public eye.

Table Captains

Table Captains facilitate introductions, small group discussions, role plays and other activities during the meetings each Friday. Typically we have one Table Captain and four seekers per table.

Bob Byard, David Halm, John Rader, Gordon Miller, Dana Wilcock, Frank Fry

Care Givers

Care Givers provide confidential one-on-one care giving after the meetings and throughout the week.

Dana Wilcock, Frank Fry, Jim Taylor, Debbie Sheehan


Travis Wells

Financial Advisors

Bob helps seekers stretch their dollars (during job search and otherwise). Travis helps roll over retirement funds or take distributions from retirement funds with minimal financial impact.

Bob Byard, Travis Wells

Résumé Writer, Interview Skills Trainer

Professional help is available for career coaching, résumés, cover letters, marketing plans, interviewing skills, networking strategies, and more.

Dave O’Farrell

Here’s all of the Ship’s Crew. Responsibilities other than those listed above are noted.