8 February 2023


Our curriculum at JobSeekers includes a results-oriented job search module each week. The highly interactive session lasts about 75 minutes and usually includes putting into practice what we just learned. The application activity often involves small group discussions and role-plays. Our focus is not just on knowledge, but also on skill development.


Here is our six-month curriculum:

  1. Seven Search Strategies and Their Relative Effectiveness
  2. Looking for Hippos
  3. Who’s on Your A-Team?
  4. Winning Networking Appointments
  5. Acing the Interview
  6. Ten Resume Mistakes That Drive Me Crazy
  7. Changing Careers
  8. 16 Ways to Make a Message Persuasive
  9. Positioning Your Qualifications
  10. Declaring Your Position Objective
  11. Developing and Delivering Your Exit Statement
  12. Deal or No Deal: Evaluating and Negotiating the Offer
  13. Improving Your P&L (Dialogue) Skills
  14. Enhancing Your Professional Presence
  15. The #1 Thing Every JobSeeker Must Have
  16. The #2-5 Things Every Job Seeker Must Have
  17. Leading a Networking Meeting
  18. Articulating Past Achievements
  19. Acing the Behavioral Interview
  20. How to Make $15K Real Fast
  21. Preparing for an Interview
  22. Using Testimonials to Build Your Brand
  23. Resolving Objections and Concerns
  24. Creating Your Own Advertising Slogan