14 June 2024

Improving Your P&L Skills (Questioning Skills)

questioning skills

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Want to be a more effective networker? Want to be more engaging when you score a big interview? Want to uncover the hidden job market and move your campaign forward? Then come to JobSeekers this week to improve your questioning skills.

This week’s session, “Improving Your P&L Skills: Improve This and You Will Improve Your Personal P&L!” – will make you more effective in your networking and interviewing of course, but it will also make you more effective in all your communications – as a parent, spouse, salesperson, entrepreneur or whatever. Come to JobSeekers to learn and apply the principles of good probing and listening. You’ll be glad you did!

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JobSeekers meets every Friday morning at First Baptist Church in Peachtree City from 7:30 to 10:00 am. First Baptist Church is located at 208 Willow Bend Road.

Click here for directions and agenda.

See you on Friday!

– Dave O’Farrell
Executive Recruiter, Outplacement Consultant
O’Farrell Career Management

“Atlanta’s most effective career services firm.”

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