19 May 2024

Interviewing Skills: Resolving Objections

Resolving Objections

“You’re over qualified.”

Another interviewing skills topic this week: “Resolving Objections and Concerns About Your Candidacy.”

Have you been passed over for a position because you were too old or too inexperienced – or for something else? This week’s topic is one of the most important ones I teach. We will learn and practice skills to resolve concerns about age, experience and many other things. Before the meeting, think about concerns employers have had that have prevented you from getting a job. Think about what you will do differently the next time you find yourself in that situation.

Here are a few you may have heard:

  1. You’re over qualified.
  2. You don’t have enough [industry] experience.
  3. How long have you been out of work? / You’ve been out of work too long.
  4. The job pays 70% of what you used to make; is that an issue? / We don’t think you’ll stay.
  5. When did you get your degree?
  6. You don’t have a degree.
  7. You’re too old.

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JobSeekers meets every Friday morning at First Baptist Church in Peachtree City from 7:30 to 10:00 am. First Baptist Church is located at 208 Willow Bend Road.

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See you on Friday!

– Dave O’Farrell
Executive Recruiter, Outplacement Consultant
O’Farrell Career Management

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